Monday, March 22, 2010

So the battle begins

The battle royale of farmer vs. pest has officially begun and we are determined to keep things organic. This year we started early by laying out the worm castings in February (they take about a month to kick in) to help with the ant population among others. They also help with the health of the soil, this brand had ash and kelp added in. I put the stuff directly into the soil but also around the edge of the hibiscus which was a white fly hotel last year. Also we released ladybugs at night to take care of our leaf dwellers and enlisted the help of the chickens before planting, their favorite treat is the white grub, and this method brings us the most satisfaction. The chickens get their protein and we get rid of our pests.

I'm also going to try and enlist the help of some of our fellow urbanites, the city birds. Although I have yet to see one in the yard, I'm confident my homemade bird feeder of black oil sunflower seeds will attract these grasshopper hunters. Just hours ago a sparrow landed on the boundary fence near the seeds so I know it's only a matter of time!

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